Safety Devices for Petrol Stations

If you need other equipment for petrol stations, we are a manufacturer of many devices, subassemblies and components needed for the construction, modernization and operation of petrol stations.

Do you run a gas station or service station? Do you want a reliable, professional and reliable supplier who has the knowledge, experience and facilities to help implement any investment in the field of gas station technology? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment! We are a manufacturer primarily of safety fittings and other technical equipment, including electronics. Our designs draw on many years of service experience and are focused on failure-free operation, ease of service and the highest technical parameters. We are also the representative of the Japanese fuel distributors TATSUNO in Poland.

Manufacturer of safety fittings for petrol station equipment

Working with flammable substances stored in dispensers requires taking many additional precautions, which are primarily aimed at eliminating the risk of ignition or explosion of the tank. The fittings available in our assortment have received the necessary certificates confirming their effectiveness in working conditions, including ISO standards. We offer, among others:

Monitoring of fuel tanks at your station

Tanks in which fuels are stored must be equipped with a number of devices that ensure the safe operation of the installation and monitor its proper operation, not only for your finances and safety, but also for the environment. Our offer includes our leak detection systems and various types of sensors. We offer, among others:

  • Leak detection system Sens8
  • leak detection sensors: optical, vapor and float, each also available with ATEX
  • fuel quantity measurement systems, magnetostrictive and pressure probes and others
  • cable junction boxes, intrinsically safe and oil-resistant cables dedicated to work at stations

Full compliance with regulations, guaranteeing trouble-free acceptance and operation

All products are part of the award-winning "Safe Tank Package", winner of, among others, Grand Prix of the Office of Technical Inspection and the GreenEvo program of the Ministry of the Environment. The devices create a complete and coherent solution dedicated to gas stations, ensuring safe, failure-free and trouble-free use of the facilities. Do you have questions about the offer of distributors, monitoring equipment and safety fittings? Do you want to order specific products for your station? Our employees will be happy to answer all your questions and help you place an order. Take care of the most modern gas station equipment at your point!

Breather Valves with Flame Arresters

The PPD-01/EFA series breather valves are devices dedicated to petrol stations. They are available in standard and increased performance versions, suitable for large facilities. Versions for diesel and gasoline are available, adapted to work in hermetized installations. The use of an industrial design ensures high throughput, low flow resistance, failure-free operation and low operating costs. They are made entirely of stainless steel and are adapted to work with biofuels. The devices meet all UDT requirements and have ATEX no. KDB 04ATEX049X. The PPD-01/EFA series devices are the successor to the PPD-01/ZO2 model.

PPD-01/EFA documentation

Deflagration flame arresters

PPD-01S series flame arresters are devices dedicated to petrol stations. The design using industrial solutions ensures high throughput, low flow resistance, failure-free operation and low operating costs. They are available in versions with threaded and flange connections. PPD-01S are deflagration flame arresters and are installed at the vapor connection. They have ATEX no. KDB 04ATEX049X. An alternative to PPD-01S is a vapor connection with an integrated IFA+PO3 flame arrester.

PPD-01s documentation

Detonation flame arresters

PPD-02S are stable detonation flame arresters and are mandatory protection for every vapor installation of collected gasolines. They protect against the spread of detonation between system elements, hence they are installed individually in tank wells at each gasoline chamber. The design using industrial solutions ensures high throughput, low flow resistance, failure-free operation and low operating costs. They are available in versions with threaded and flange connections. They have ATEX no. KDB 04ATEX029X.

PPD-02s documentation

Overfill Prevention Valves

ZPP-1 and ZPP-2 overfill prevention valves are devices dedicated to petrol stations. They are available in the size for a DN100 downpipe. The main difference between valves is the way they are mounted. ZPP-1 is inserted into the drain pipe from the outside of the tank, and ZPP-2 is screwed onto the drain pipe from the inside. Both are emergency, mechanical, float valves, with ZPP-1 closing the inflow tightly, and ZPP-2 limiting the throughput. The first one is used as factory equipment for tanks by leading Polish manufacturers. The second one was created for the needs of modernized tanks. They have ATEX no. KDB 04ATEX068X.

ZPP-1 documentation ZPP-2 documentation

Vapour Recovery Connectrs with integrated Flame Arresters

IFA+PO3 is a vapor connection with an integrated flame arrester 3. It is a solution that ensures high flow parameters, no problem with draining several fuels at the same time, exceptional convenience of use and low operating costs. It is serviced from the fume collection station, without the need to dismantle the pipeline. Thanks to the use of a 3" acid-resistant steel barrier, it is suitable for use with biofuels. It is a modern, convenient solution that ensures trouble-free operation of the installation. It has an ATEX number KDB16ATEX0016X.

IFA+P03 documentation

Sensors and Leak Detection Systems

Sens8 is a modern leak detection system fully adapted to all requirements of work at petrol stations. When designing it, the priorities were intuitive operation, transparency, universality and failure-free operation. It combines proven, failure-free solutions with a modern form. It supports up to 8 sensors of various types and has fully programmable 8 outputs for external devices. It has an intuitive panel with visible alarms, closed behind a transparent door. Programming is done via an Android application with Bluetooth communication. It has an alarm history memory, a cable continuity detection system, sensor auto-calibration, adjustable sensor background, the possibility of GSM alarms, and optionally even Modbus communication. It is a simple, intuitive, but very advanced leak detection system.

The set includes SimpleLeak (float), optical PetroOPT and PetroVAP vapor sensors - all of them are characterized by exceptionally small dimensions, high reliability and each is also available in the ATEX version.

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