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The history of the Petroster company dates back to 1983, when it was founded by experienced fuel industry professionals who have always treated development, honesty and professionalism as priorities.

Thanks to this, over many years of its activity, Petroster has gained a leading position in the supply of fuel technology and has built several hundred fuel stations in Poland and around the world. Over time, the company began producing its own devices, including explosion protection devices, and constantly expanded the scope of its activities, entering new market sectors. Over the years, the company has enjoyed great trust from its clients and institutions, which is reflected in a number of awards and achievements. The company was still run and managed by the same people, but in 2017, as a result of transformations, it remained in the hands of one of the founding families. Thanks to this, Petroster is now a fully family-owned, generational company that combines good, reliable and professional craftsmanship with a new view of the world. The company draws on tradition and extensive experience, combining them with a modern, fresh approach and an even greater need for development.

Petroster continues to service, build and modernize petrol stations, but this is currently only one of the company's activities.

Currently, it is primarily a Polish manufacturer of devices and systems for installations and tanks for the broadly perceived industry, in particular explosion protection and devices intended for explosion hazard zones. High quality products, the highest quality materials, innovative design and adaptation to individual customer needs, combined with an affordable price, are some of the many features that distinguish Petroster on the market. Thanks to this, the brand has been appreciated not only in Poland, but the products are also exported practically all over the world.

The offer includes not only flame arresters, breathing valves, overfill prevention valves, foot valves and other mechanical accessories, but is also supplemented with electronics

– sensors and leak detection systems for explosion-hazardous zones. When you add service and technical advice to this, the offer is comprehensive and includes a complete, coherent protection system for virtually every installation. All production takes place in Poland, at the Petroster production plants in Krakow, which ensures the highest quality. Despite the predominant share of customers from the industrial sector, the company, remembering its roots, still offers products dedicated to gas stations.

Another strongly developed part of the company is environmental protection activities, in particular bioremediation - cleaning polluted areas using a fully ecological, biological method.

The company has its own high-quality biochemical laboratory, experienced staff and full technical facilities, including a professional drilling rig for drilling. This allows for a comprehensive bioremediation process. From the assessment of land and water contamination, including wells and accredited tests, through selecting the most appropriate treatment method, preparing a remediation plan and production of a dedicated biopreparation, to comprehensive implementation of the remediation process, along with full formal and legal services. Petroster, in cooperation with scientific units, has developed and is constantly developing its own microbiological method, which is probably the fastest, most ecological and most effective remediation method available on the market.

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Throughout the entire period of its activity, the company paid great attention to environmental protection and placed emphasis on broadly understood development.

Pro-ecological solutions and research and development, along with a strong awareness of the common Polish economy, have always been the key issues of the company's operations. The number of devices and technologies developed and implemented in production proves the plant's resilience and technological thought. Since the 1980s, the company has introduced the first air-tight seals in Poland at gas stations, the first automation systems and has many proposals for rationalization. The later 1990s were a period of new opportunities and dynamic development not only of the company itself, but also of the pro-ecological technologies being developed. Already in the 1990s, the company met the most stringent requirements of foreign concerns, providing services for them as one of the few, if not the only, companies in the industry. The end of the 1990s and the entry into the new millennium saw our own production and development of new pro-ecological solutions, such as filtration of biofuels entering Poland and methods of land and water purification.

In addition to winning many top awards and distinctions, Petroster was one of several Polish companies that won the first edition of the GreenEvo program of the Ministry of the Environment. The program promoted the Polish economy, and Petroster, by participating in foreign ministerial missions, set an example of a Polish, reliable, honest and pro-ecological company, building a positive image of the entire Polish economy in the international arena. This is a great honor and proof of meeting the highest standards, not only technical, but also ideological and trustworthy. To this day, building ecological awareness, increasing the level of safety and taking care of our common economy is one of the key issues for Petroster when running its business.

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