High Quality Safety Devices

We are a manufacturer of flame arresters, breather valves and leak detection systems



Fuel technologies

We are a manufacturer of solutions regarding the operational safety of fuel installations, known on the Polish market, and a representative of Japanese TATSUNO fuel dispensers in Poland.



Bioremediation and environmental protection

Biological purification of contaminated land and groundwater


Petroster is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality safety devices as Flame Arresters, Breather Valves and Leak Detection Sensors for the broadly understood industry and
a dynamically developing company in the field of environmental protection.

The company's offer includes flame arresters and breather valves made of acid-resistant steel, as well as overfill prevention valves, vapor recovery connectors, check valves and other accessories. A flexible production approach means that both mass-produced devices and devices designed individually for a specific installation are available. The catalog is complemented by self-produced electronics, including various types of ATEX sensors, leak detection systems and installation materials, such as dedicated intrinsically safe cables, leak detection points and Ex junction boxes.

About Company

Petroster is one of the most experienced service companies in Poland, having built several hundred gas stations in Poland and around the world. Currently, it also provides service services for the broadly understood industry. It specializes in inspections of devices and security systems, professional regeneration of VRS pumps, and also performs all current repairs, inspections and legalizations. Petroster is the exclusive representative of Japanese Tatsuno fuel dispensers in Poland. Thanks to its experience and professionalism, it also provides support and technical consulting services, as well as organizes training and technical conferences.

It is also specialized in the biological purification of polluted areas using the bioremediation method, having its own, fully ecological method. The offer includes both testing and assessment of the level of contamination, as well as comprehensive implementation of remediation processes. Accredited tests, remediation plans, formal procedures, up to complete execution, using in-situ, on-situ and ex-situ methods. The company has its own biochemical laboratory, a biopreparation production line, a professional drilling rig, a backhoe loader, many years of experience and a team of specialists ready to undertake any, even the most difficult, remediation project.

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Why us?

Experience on the market - we have been developing since 1983.

A wide range of activities as well as professionalism and reliability.

Qualified professionals from the fuel industry.

Safe storage tanks and installations, healthy environment.


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Petroster's offer includes high-class security for gas stations. The catalog includes deflagration flame arresters from the IFA group and detonation flame arresters from the DFA series. The range also includes technologically advanced, certified breathing valves for automatic regulation of pressure inside the tanks. You can easily order easy-to-use and reliable leak detection systems and float, optical and vapor sensors for detecting leaks of liquids or gases from us. All products meet applicable technical standards and high quality standards.



We offer professional mechanical and electronic service of gas stations. Qualified Petroster teams will perform a professional inspection of all devices and systems that we offer. Our technicians will also advise you on servicing equipment from other manufacturers. We provide permanent service of orders under warranty contracts and ad hoc post-warranty orders. Repair and regeneration of VRS pumps and flame arrester service are just some of our areas of activity. We also provide consulting services and training dedicated to owners of facilities using fuels and flammable materials.



One of our specializations is bioremediation. It includes comprehensive activities including land and groundwater reclamation. These processes are based on specially prepared effective strains of microorganisms without disturbing existing local ecosystems. We have developed our own, unique biological methods for cleaning contaminated land. We have our own microbiological laboratory where we conduct all kinds of tests on the scope of contamination and develop dedicated microbiological biopreparations. We also offer accredited land testing.

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