VRS and fuel pump regeneration

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Professional renewing of pumps and VRS systems

The company's offer includes all services related to VRS systems. Petroster was the first company in Poland to implement the VRS system of large and small pendulums in Poland, therefore it is the most experienced company in this field in Poland.

Petroster deals with measurements and repairs of VRS systems, including comprehensive and full regeneration of pumps.

Unlike other companies, our service is not limited to replacing worn-out components, but also carries out a complete overhaul of each pump, regardless of its degree of wear. Only this approach guarantees long and trouble-free operation. To regenerate pumps, we use original parts or components manufactured by us that are more refined and have better durability than the factory ones. Thanks to this, after our regeneration, the pump regains the efficiency and durability of a brand new pump. Each pump is covered by a warranty.

We also offer brand new VRS pumps, and we have the most popular models in stock.

You can entrust us with the regeneration of the pump itself, but also with a comprehensive diagnostics, disassembly, regeneration and reassembly service. We offer technical support not only with pumps, but with the entire VRS system.

We have our own device for measuring VRS efficiency.

Unlike other devices, ours measures the system's efficiency "on the go", without the need to pour it into a flask. We do not take the site out of service, there is no need to prepare relocation reports. The device tests VRS during normal operation and does not require connection to the distributor's electronics, so there is no risk of losing the distributor's warranty. The measurement is fast, reliable and credible because it involves an actual comparison of the actual fuel dispensed into the car's tank with the physically received amount of vapors. Based on our system, you can also check the correct functioning of other system elements, such as guns, valves, etc., which is impossible with other devices and tests.

Don't wait until the system fails the inspection, check whether it has the correct performance and ask us to repair it before the station is closed as a result of a negative inspection test. Ask us about prices and dates!

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